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Software Development

To maximize your business potential G E Springfield can develop an optimal enterprise software solution taking into account your business individual peculiarities, needs, cost, productivity and using our experience in application development.

Our developing experience covers such social and industry fields as healthcare, ecology, education, construction and property management, procurement, manufacturing, e-commerce, banking and finance, software publishing, media and entertainment, telecommunication.

G E Springfield is ready to help develop or integrate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, satisfying your needs. It's important to organize an appropriate communication between you and your customers as it's a key point for business success. And integration of a CRM is an important step towards it, requiring proper business structure and possible benefits analysis. Our analysts are ready to assist you in making a decision.


Another important indication of your business success is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This is a tool which makes all business processes transparent and provides easy access to the necessary information for your personnel. We can help you organize and structure information which brings to time and funds saving.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system serves to organize your business documentation and can be integrated into your CMR or ERP system.

In case your business requires a custom Billing and Payment system, we can offer you our CRM, ERP and e-commerce development groundwork.

Web Portals and Communities development is a very effective way to promote your business on the web. Take a chance to get new customers.


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