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Fashion Software

Pitz Fashion Software

This software application manages all aspects of a fashion house from;


  • Customer records, evaluation
  • Materials (stock management)
  • etc


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Micro Finance Bank

Micro finance Bank Software

This Software is currently being used by Glide MFB Abuja, Nigeria.

Loan Recovery

Loan Recovery manager Software application

  • can run online
  • loan calculator
  • repayment table/defaulter report table
  • loan monitor
  • etc


Maternity Expert System

MES-A problem-solving and decision-making system based on knowledge of experts on gynaecology (science of the physiological functions and diseases of women) and paediatrics (branch of medicine dealing with children and their diseases).

MES-Monitors pregnancy and Infants; giving useful otherwise would-have-forgotten-instructions and advice to expectant mothers and mothers.



Pitz POS

This software application is designed to manage.


  • Salon management
  • Dry cleaning Services
  • Stock and inventory


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